My first post

My first post is one of introduction. Hello to anyone this may be reaching, I have never tried writing a blog before, in the interest of an honest transaction between writer and reader, I believe it important to intimate this.

The title of my blog “Our Microscopic World” is somewhat of a play on Frost’s “A Considerable Speck”, a working title was “The Annals of our Meticulous Time”. Yet, to suggest this body of work will be a historical narrative would be untrue, I’m not exactly sure what it is yet, and I see no harm in pointing this out. So, in “Our Microscopic World”, we will examine elements of human behaviour, one weird and wacky event (a considerable speck, if you will) at a time, and most importantly, have some fun with it.

I would like my page to be one of questioned study on various topics, open to criticism from whomsoever may provide it. Topics will certainly differ, depending on what stirs an interest within me at the time. However distant these topics may be in chronology or subject; a common theme will be human motivations for such things.

A few ideas I have been working with include; Ancient Roman Atoms; The Authoriatian Left; Free Speech; A Stoic reading of Dylan Thomas; The role of the psychedelic experience in creating philosophy; and hopefully many more.

This blog is concerned with learning funky stuff, unpacking mysteries that are yet to be solved. Hopefully on day I may develop a didactic style capable of inspiring a reader, but until then, I’m just a guy on the internet trying to learn some cool things and have fun doing it.

Thanks for reading guys,



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